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Your Booking Page

  • To see your booking page click on preview scheduler on the top right corner of the page:
  • Your booking page will be look like this.

Here you can manage your booking page:

  • Click on Business Profile to edit your name or your business name. To write description and welcome message as you want and click on save.
  • Click on Background to change your background image.
  • Click on Font to change the font.
  • Click on Theme to change the theme of your booking page.
  • Click on Photo mode if you do not want use any photo.
  • Click on Contact details to edit your address, phone number and social media accounts.
  • You can turn off Edit mode. Your booking page will be look like this.
  • Click on Book Now or scroll down. Select a date and time.

*If there is more than one staff, please choose one of them and then select a date and time.

  • Click on Working Hours or scroll down to see working hours and closed days.
  • Scroll down to see Google map of your working place, if you add one.
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