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In this tutorial we will build a complete booking system for Yoga & Plates Studios.

Business Details

First add your business logo, name, description and contact info in Application Settings.


If you have more than one location please add your locations first in Locations tab. Please see Locations page to learn how to create and manage locations.


You can create categories  for classes, workshops and private lessons.


You can create and manage instructors in Staff tab.


To create your yoga and pilates lessons please see Classes page.

Products & Add-Ons

If you want to sell your products with your classes and lessons please see Add-Ons page.

Custom Fields

Booking Settings

Define widget orderbooking wording, themes, lead time, policies, cancelation time and more in Booking Settings.

Booking Widget

You can create your own booking experience by using our Smart Booking Widget.

You can list your all activities (private lessons, classes, workshops) in one page or you can create different pages for your all different activities (e.g. private lessons page, classes page, workshops page etc.). Also you can add/remove booking items (locations, instructors, categories, classes, lessons, etc.) and change item order (e.g. locations before categories, instructors after tour class selection, etc.)

Booking Website

You can build your own branded and responsive website by uploading your background and logo, adding your company name, description, working hours, locations, contact information and themes.

Please read our User Guide to customize your services, classes, pricing, booking widget, options and more.

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