TimeSlot Classes

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Business Types

Escape Rooms, Helicopter Tours, Off-Road Tours, etc.

Time-Slot Classes are useful for group bookings on regular time-slots. They have time-slots like service booking types also they have capacity control like classes.

Create TimeSlot Classes

To create a time-slot class click + icon on Classes section.


Create TimeSlot Class Dialog

Basic Fields

To create a time-slot class enter name, description, duration, capacity and click Save.


Select Time Slot to create a time-slot class.


Select location that class will be available.

Time Slot Calendar

Time Slot classes are not Staff based they have their own booking calendars. All bookings will be created on this calendar.


Time-Slot duration. Let’s say you defined 1 hour time slot duration with 10 capacity so you will have classes like this on your booking page:


Time Slot Interval

You can set time slot interval independent from time slot duration.

Class Schedule

You don’t need to create class schedules like in standard classes. Schedules are created automatically based on your time-slot duration. Each slot is a class with your defined capacity.

Operating Hours

Time Slot classes occurs by your default schedule.

Advanced Time Slot Class Customization

Time-Slot Interval

Class Features and Maps

Booking Attachments & Image Gallery

Intake Forms/Custom Fields

Customize Pricing

Add Products and Sell With Your Services

Buffer Time


Copy Classes

Set Email, SMS and Popup Reminders

Email & SMS Notifications

Working Hours & Breaks

Custom Policies

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