Task Timer

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You can start a task timer on Task Dialog.

Start a Timer

To start a timer just click time box.

Stop Timer

To stop a timer just click on it.

Record Time

When you stop a timer Time Log dialog will be open with auto-filled timer elapsed time. You can enter time-log information and save it. To add a time log manually please see Time Tracking page.

Reset Timer

Click [] icon to reset the timer.

Timer Box

When you start a timer you can track time on Timer Box. It will be placed on bottom-left corner by default. You can drag it anywhere in the app and track your time when you working on other apps.


  • Unless you stop a timer it will continue to count (even while you logged out).

Pomodoro Timer

You can start Pomodoro Timer to improve your productivity within your Task Timer Box or Task Dialog. 

Pomodoro Timer helps you do more in less time and regain your lost concentration.

Start Pomodoro Timer

To start a pomodoro timer click [] icon on Task Dialog or Timer Box.

Stop Pomodoro Timer

To stop pomodoro timer just click on it.

Set Pomodoro Interval

You can set pomodoro interval minute in Task Settings.

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