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Business Types

Personal Meetings, Hair & Beauty Salons, Medical Clinics, Therapists, Attorneys, Cleaning Services, Photography Studios and so on.

Create Services

To create services click icon on Services section.

Create Service Dialog

Basic Fields

To create a service in create service dialog select category, add service title, define service description with rich text editor, add duration, price and click Save.

Update Services

To update your services click icon on a service, or click Edit button on service details screen, make your changes in the service dialog and click Save button.

Delete Services

To delete a service click Delete button on service dialog or click icon on a service list.

Assign Staff

To accept bookings on your services you must assign at least one staff to your services. To assign staff to your services:

Click Staff tab under Services tab.

Advanced Service Customization

Time-Slot Interval

Service Features and Maps

Booking Attachments & Image Gallery

Intake Forms/Custom Fields

Customize Pricing

Add Products and Sell With Your Services

Buffer Time

Staff Selection (Pooled Availability)


Copy Services

Set Email, SMS and Popup Reminders

Email & SMS Notifications

Custom Policies

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