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Business Types

Car Rentals, Holiday Homes, Hotels, Meeting Rooms, Kayak Rentals, Bike Rentals, Equipment Rentals, etc.

Resource type is useful when you want to book a resource (car, room, bike, etc.) for a time range.

Creating a Resource

To create a resource click plus icon on Resources section.


Create Resource Dialog

Basic Fields

Enter resource name, description, booking period, resource location and click SaveĀ to create a resource.

Resource Calendar

Resource booking types is not based on Staff calendar. Each resource has its own booking calendar and its created auto in resource creation period. If you want you can select another calendar also for the resource.

Resource Location

Your resource will be bookable only selected location.


This option defines how your resource price will be calculated. For example if you have a bike resource with Hourly period and your price with $10, if your customer selects 3 hours price will be calculated as $30.

Update Resource

To update your resources click icon on a service, or click Edit button on service details screen, make your changes in the resource dialog and click Save button.

Delete Resource

To delete a resource click Delete button on service dialog or click icon on a resource list.

  • When you delete a resource, resource calendar and all bookings will be removed belong to the deleted resource also.

Advanced Resource Customization

Booking Attachments & Image Gallery

Resource Features and Maps

Intake Forms/Custom Fields

Customize Pricing

Add Products and Sell With Your Resources

Buffer Time


Copy Resources

Set Email, SMS and Popup Reminders

Email & SMS Notifications

Custom Policies

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