Manage Contacts

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Creating a Contact

To create a new contact press C keyboard shortcut or click [] icon.

Update Contact Information

To update a contact’s information select a contact then press keyboard shortcut or click [] icon. After making your changes press Ctrl (Alt) + S keyboard shortcut or click [] icon.

Delete Contacts

  • To delete a single contact just click on a contact and press Ctrl + Del keyboard shortcut or click [] icon.
  • To delete multiple contacts select contacts with [] icon then click [] icon.

Drag & Drop

Move Between Lists

To move a contact you can drag&drop between lists at the left side.

Add to Multiple Lists

To add a contact to another list drag&drop the contact by pressing Ctrl key.

Contact Groups

Each contact can belong to a multiple group.

Contact Tags

You can add tags in Add Tags input. Please see Tags page for more information.

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