Invitations & RSVP

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Send Invitation

You can invite anyone to your event with their email addresses even if they don’t have an account.

To send an invitation click icon on the event dialog.

In invitation dialog you can enter guest name and email and press Add button.

When you Save your event a confirmation dialog will be shown with the title of “Notify Guests”.

If you want to send invitation email to your guests click Ok otherwise click Cancel button.

When you send an invitation to the neatCal account owners they can see the invitation event on their calendar.

Respond the Event Invitations

Invitation attendees can respond the invitation by clicking invitation event on their calendar.

Also all users can respond to invitation on their invitation email.

neatCal users can respond the invitation directly by clicking the invitation event.

Other users can respond the invitation with invitation email.

Invitation Page

Invitees can reach invitation page in their invitation email and see details of the invitation.

Public Invitations & RSVP

To accept public invitees click Public button on Invitation Dialog.

Please see Event Calendar Invitations page for more information.


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