Getting Started

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You can start taking bookings in minutes (yes minutes) with neatCal Booking Application.

To start taking bookings just create at least one service, define service staff then click Preview Scheduler button in Booking Application.

When you create your account a default location, a default service category and default working hours (mon-fri, 9am to 5pm) will be created for you.

You can create your own personal or professional booking experience by following these steps:

Booking Basics

  • Define your Booking Settings (business info, booking wording, lead time, policies, how to approve bookings, cancellation time and more).
  • Build your Booking Website.
  • Define your Locations.
  • Define your Operating Hours.
  • Define your Booking Types (services, classes, resources).
  • Define your Staff.

Advanced Customization

  • Add Custom Fields to your services, classes and resources.
  • Define Products and sell them with your services.
  • Customize Pricing.
  • Embed Booking Widget to your own pages or CMS.
  • Customize Notifications.
  • Define Email and SMS reminders.
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