Email & SMS Notifications

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Email & SMS notifications are sent to admin, staff and customers on specific situations.

For example Customer Notification is sent to a customer on each booking or Booking Cancellation (Customer) notification is sent to a customer when a staff or admin cancels his booking.

You can define Email & SMS notifications for each service, class, resource and admin, staff and customer.

neatCal defines default Email notifications for each service. You can get detailed information about the each notification when you hover on question mark icon on a notification.

SMS notifications are empty by default. If you define SMS notifications and haveĀ  SMS credit, SMS notifications will be sent also.

Define Email & SMS Notifications

To update Email & SMS notifications click on a notification make your changes and click Save button. If you want to update all service, class and resource notifications click Save for all services button.

Remove Email & SMS Notifications

If you don’t want to send a notification just remove any content under it.


You can add special variables to your notifications and design your notification messages with rich content.

For example if you want to add your customer name to your message you can add %CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME% variable.

To view all placeholders click Placeholders button.

Example Notification

%CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME% %CUSTOMER_LAST_NAME% has booked and appointment.




Staff Email: %STAFF_EMAIL%

Staff Phone: %STAFF_PHONE%


Customer Email: %CUSTOMER_EMAIL%

Customer Phone: %CUSTOMER_PHONE%

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